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“Arab Golden Age V.2.0” launching event.

The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery Dubai curated Ashekman’s their first Mechanical Art solo exhibition in the Middle East, entitled “Arab Golden Age V.2.0”.

The period between the 8th and 13th century was the “golden age” of Arab civilisation with Arab inventors, scientists and philosophers paving the way for new discoveries that led to the evolution of human civilisation and “Arab Golden Age V.2.0” pays tribute to this pivotal period in Arab history.

Showcasing five unique limited edition art pieces and installations that have been custom-created to underscore the valuable contributions of Arab culture and inventions, each piece has been crafted with a metal body and paired with Arabic calligraphy to highlight Arabic culture within a modern context. Considered amongst the early adopters of Arabic calligraphy in street art, Omar  and Mohamed Kabbani are twins that share a common goal of reviving Arabic culture using urban context.