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Operation Salam

After 3 years of planning and 3 weeks of on groundwork ASHEKMAN ‘s Operation Salam is our way to show to the outer world how we feel. This gigantic Arabic Calligraffiti of the word peace or سلام was made on 85 rooftops in an ex-war zone in Tripoli Lebanon , more specifically in Syria street that separates the fighting neighbourhoods of Jabal Mehssen and Beb el Tebbeneh. Neighbors, kids and families helped and started roaming the rooftops freely without any fear of being shot by snipers. Such a beautiful feeling to work with a passionate group of people that were waiting for peace so they can grow in life and live normally. This huge Kuffi Calligraphy that can only be seen from space will help us achieve the rarest form of serenity, a state that we all search for but few find it. The concept was in our subconscious since the 80’s, where we’ve witnessed 2 civil wars and 3 external aggressions against our country. Living in a state of war made us immune and more aware of the external plot that was planned for the Middle East. We learned how to draw in candle lights inside underground shelters, where we used to wait for truce between battles in anticipation to see the sunlight. All these events marked our childhood and made us seek calmness, but peace of mind can’t be achieved unless there is Peace and we’ve been searching for it for 3 decades now with no luck.